SAMA's Delivery Programme

Machinery and plants for Tableware Industry:

Mills, Stirrers, Sieves, Pumps, electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic de-ironing for body and glaze preparation, Spray dryers, Filter presses, Clay feeding devices, Sieve kneaders, Vacuum pug mills 

Maschines and Plants for plastic shaping like numerically controlled roller shaping machines for cups, mugs, pots and large tableware items

Machines and Plants for Isostatic pressing of flatware:
- presses with 450-650 tons closing force for round, oval and non-round plates/platters, bowls, baking dishes and salad bowls
- double-head presses with 2x270 tons closing force with two independently working pressing heads for saucers and small 
  round, non-round plates and bowls

Universal article rim fettling and finishing machines for round, oval and non-round plates/platters, via turntable fettling machines and mechatronic article contour recognition or robot treatment and camera-based centring devices

Pressure casting plants in single or double-head design with or without double plate for core cast and hollow cast tableware items (e.g. for ceramic bottles) 

Automatic pressure casting lines including continuous dryer and finishing by robot for hollow ware such as bottles, flacons, vases and pots, etc. (see our reference for the production of bottles for Chivas whiskey) 

Pressure casting moulds made of SAMA-por

SAMA-por - original pressure casting mould material developed by Netzsch Keramische Verfahrenstechnik and advanced by SAMA/SACMI for the manufacturing of pressure casting moulds

Labor saving fully automatic handle pressure casting - and application plants for the extension of cup production lines or combined with isostatically pressed cups

Automatic cup pressure casting plants for the production of cups including handle including robot finishing

Automatic hollow ware casting lines

Patented dip glazing plants for flat- and hollow ware items such as the highly proven TRIPLEX for flatware and MONO 10 T for cups and mugs

Cup- and plate foot grinding machines for dry and wet grinding in different executions

Automatic flatware sorting machines for 2-3 programmable qualities in co-operation with OPTO Machines in France

Decorating machines for lining, stamping, decal transfer or direct printing

Special plants

Machinery and plants for Technical Ceramic Industry:

Horizontal and vertical extruders for long rod and hollow insulators

Horizontal and vertical extruders for stoneware pipes including loading device for extruded pipes

Plastic shaping machines for pin-type and suspension-type insulators

Turning and boring machines for all types of insulators

Automatic glazing plants for long-rod insulators

Automatic glaziing plants for bushings, pins, caps etc.

Special plants for the Technical Ceramic and Refractory Industry:

Special wet and dry grinding mills for the technical ceramic and refractories

Special machines for the cementing and surface control of refractory sliding gate plates

Extruders for special application like filters, tubes, pipes, hollow insulators, rollers for roller kilns, DPF-filters, catalyst elements, clay-pipes, socket pipes

Automatic tape casters

Pressure casting plants for Technical Ceramic


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